Files You Can Access

Files you own and have access to are available to share or attach to Chatter posts, comments, and record feeds. Salesforce Files is available for organizations that have Chatter enabled. Salesforce Files is available in the mobile app for organizations that do not use Chatter.

Access Files from the Recent section in the Salesforce1 navigation menu. From the Files list, you can:

  • See all the files you own or have access to, and filter your list of files.
  • Tap Information icon to view file information, including the owner, file version, and who the file is shared with.
  • Search for files by filename.

Files Filters

You can filter the list of files to make it easier to find what you want. Tap Filter Pull-Down Menu Icon at the top of the Files list.
  • Recent: The most recent files you’ve viewed.
  • Synced: All files that have been synced in your Salesforce Files Sync folder. This filter is available if Salesforce Files Sync is enabled for your organization and if you have the “Sync Files” permission.
  • Owned By Me: Only the files you own.
  • Shared With Me: Only the files that have been shared with you by either a private share or a public post to your profile.
  • Following: Only the files that you’re following on Chatter. This filter is available if Chatter is enabled for your organization.

External files are accessible from the Files list if Files Connect is set up for your organization and if you have connected file sources. You can browse and share files from external sources such as Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Relevant external files appear in the Files list when the Recent, Owned by Me, Shared With Me, or Following filters are applied. If the Files list is collapsed, an External section lets you navigate directly to outside files.



If you’re using the mobile browser app in Safari on an iOS device with iOS 7 or later, you must disable the Safari pop-up blocker setting to access external files. On your iOS device, go to Settings | Safari and disable Block Pop-ups.