View Your Dashboards

You can view the same dashboards in Salesforce1 that you’re able to access in the full Salesforce site.
  1. Tap Navigation icon to open the navigation menu.
  2. Tap Dashboards.


    If you have permissions to view dashboards in the full site but the Dashboards item doesn’t appear in the navigation menu, ask your administrator to add dashboards access to the mobile app.

  3. Tap a dashboard in the list of recently viewed dashboards to open it. Or search for a dashboard that isn’t in the recent list.
  4. In the dashboard view, swipe right or left to see all of the dashboard’s columns, or move directly to a specific column by tapping its position in the page indicator. Swipe vertically through a column to see all of the dashboard components.

Information, such as the running user or the last refresh date, is displayed in the highlights area at the top of the dashboard view.