Getting Around in Salesforce1

Get to your data using the Salesforce1 navigation menu and a few simple gestures.

When you log in to Salesforce1, you see your landing page. Depending on how your admin has set up things up, this might be your Chatter feed, your task list, or another page or app.

  • From the landing page, tap Navigation menu icon to go to the navigation menu.

    What’s available in the navigation menu also depends on how your admin has set up Salesforce1. You may see:

    • Your Chatter feed. There are also separate items for People and Groups.
    • Your notes, task lists, Salesforce events calendar, dashboards and reports, and your org’s custom pages or apps.
    • Objects you’ve accessed recently. Tap Show More at the bottom of the Recent section to see the full list of all objects available to you in Salesforce1.
    • Help for Salesforce1.
  • Tap Back arrow to return to previously viewed pages.
    When you tap links, like the ones in feeds or on record detail pages, the new pages open on top of the page you started from. This means that you may have to tap Back arrow more than once to return to the navigation menu.
  • To refresh a page, pull down at the top of it.
    To see more information than what’s currently loaded on a page, pull up at the bottom of it.
  • Salesforce1 is supported in portrait orientation only.