Data You Can Work With

Salesforce1 uses your organization’s Salesforce edition, your user license type, and your assigned user profile and permission sets to determine the data that’s available to you. You see most of the objects, record types, fields, and page layouts that you do when working in the full Salesforce site. But not all Salesforce data is available in Salesforce1.

If Chatter is enabled, you can access feeds, groups, people (user profiles), and topics.

These objects are available as items in the Salesforce1 navigation menu. You can create, view, and edit records for these objects unless noted otherwise.

  • Accounts
  • Assets
  • Campaigns
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • D&B Company (view only, for Prospector and Clean customers)
  • Dashboards (view only)
  • Events
  • Files
  • Field Service Lightning (Operating Hours, Service Appointments, Service Resources, Service Territories, Work Types)
  • Knowledge Articles (view only)
  • Leads
  • Live Chat Transcripts
  • Opportunities
  • Orders
  • Quotes (create from opportunities only)
  • Reports (view only)
  • Social Personas and Social Posts
  • Tasks
  • Coaching, Goals, Rewards, and Skills
  • Work Orders
  • Custom objects that have a tab you can access
  • Salesforce Connect external objects that are searchable and have a tab you can access

With some exceptions, all the standard and custom fields are available on these records. And you can work with most of the related lists for these objects.

If you’re new to Salesforce and don’t yet have a history of recent objects, you initially see a set of default objects in the Recent section in the Salesforce1 navigation menu. As you spend time working in Salesforce1 and the full Salesforce site, the objects that you use the most eventually replace the default ones in the Recent section and become the objects that are available for global searches in Salesforce1.



It can take up to 15 days for the objects that you work with regularly to appear in the Recent section. To make objects appear under Recent immediately, pin them from your search results in the full site.

Tap Show More at the bottom of the Recent section to see the full list of all objects available to you in Salesforce1.